Whatever you move, hook it up

4 August 2022 – We created a new and bold identity for Eduard Trailers. With a new website, a communication style, a range of new videos and photos and a social media strategy Eduard is now ready to move the world. Have a look at our newly updated case. read more.

Attention Utrecht enthusiasts

2 June 2022 – Today we kick-off a five-month celebration in honor of Utrecht's 900th birthday. We created the visual style for this celebration which is in line with the visual identity of Utrecht Citybranding we developed last year. Want know more about the citybranding style. read more

The greenest telecom provider of Europe

4 May 2022 – For many years now we have been the design agency of KPN. This year we transformed their brand style and adapted the KPN identity. We developed a style that matches KPN's love brand ambition. The style is friendly and playful, accessible and human, but also outspoken and expressive. It all adds up to inclusive brand that can easily connect with all Dutch people. read more

Happy Kingsday everyone!

27 April 2022 - Recently we created this Kingsday campaign for Utrecht Marketing. Utrecht, the city where we celebrate together and haunt for treasures on the free market!

Can I come and peek already?

11 March 2020 – Can I come and peek already? ... Utrecht almost has a new Central Library! After two years of renovation, the Bieb Neude will finally open on Friday 13 March in the former post office Post Utrecht. We created a campaign for this opening that shows that we can't wait to see that new library.

Starting a new assignment for UMC Utrecht

30 November 2019 – We still very much like our ‘met jou, voor jou’ (‘with you, for you') campaign we created for the University Medical Center Utrecht a few years ago. We now started on a new assignment for them: a refresh on their identity. In 2020 we will tell you more.

The mayor and his favourite book

22 November 2019 – Today we took a photo 📸 of the mayor of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen, for the new 'Biep Biep' magazine of the Utrecht Public Library. Nice to find out about the mayor's favourite book.

UX award for Triodos Bank

31 October 2019 – Our client Triodos Bank received the Bloomreach Top Customer Experience Award 🏆 with their new renewed websites and mobile apps, which we designed for them.

Bye Bye Dude

24 October 2019 – Simon Buijs is our last dude. This was the last 'Dude' issue designed by Dietwee. Thank you BNO for the past years. We had a blast! Come and see us at the festive launch of this 'Dude' Special at the DDW in Eindhoven. Tomorrow 25 October, 19:00-20:00 at Sectie-C.

New campaign style for KPN

21 October 2019 – Together with a team at KPN and Achtung!, Dietwee has created a new campaign style for KPN: 'KPN. Het netwerk van Nederland’ and ‘Ieder z’n Hussel!’. We are proud of the result.

Three days at Terschelling

30 September 2019 – Last weekend the 10th edition of Springtij Forum took place at Terschelling, where 1000 influential leaders took part in a debate about the sustainable transition. This year we became a partner of Springtij and developed their new visual and communication style among others.

Triodos Bank brand stories nominated

14 September 2019 – We are nominated 🏆 for the 'Avond van de Opdrachtfilm' with our serie of brand stories of Triodos Bank entrepreneurs. We created those series together with Bas Berkhout.

Helping an e-commerce leader own their name

12 juni 2019 - Bol.com launched their new website! We created a significant evolution of the brand style. We gave bol.com a blue heart in a multi-colour world where round shapes are central. Read more.

Interactive installation at Princess Máxima Center

14 February 2019 – Today the interactive installation at the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology was launched! We created this wall installation together with Front404 to thank the sponsors of the hospital and to create a soft entrance for the children. read more

Out now: Biep Biep magazine

15 January 2019 – Biep Biep Hooray! Dietwee created a new quarterly magazine for the Utrecht Public Library. We now launched the first issue of 'Biep Biep' magazine. read more

European Heritage Tribune now live

10 December 2018 - We created a newsportal for the European Heritage Tribune. Check out the complete site here.

Thirty years of Dietwee

8 August 2018 - Today exactly thirty years ago, on the 8-8-1988, Ron Faas and Tirso Francés started Dietwee. The team of Dietwee surprised Ron and Tirso today to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Zero Footprint Campus

28 June 2018 - Zero Footprint Campus was a year long art exhibition at the Utrecht Science Park. The exhibition encouraged intense collaboration between 12 artists & scientists exploring experimental ways of reducing waste on the campus to zero. read more.