Art and science for a zero waste mentality

Collaborating with scientists, twelve artists embarked on a research project at the Utrecht Science Park. The project revolved around the question: ‘How do we reduce our waste to nothing?’ The initiators of the project wanted to use this unique collaboration between scientists and artists to find an experimental and fresh perspective on sustainability.

The initiators of the project, Melle Smets and Cynthia Hathaway from the Department of Search, asked us to create the brand identity, website and campaign for their project and final exhibition. To reflect the spirit of the exhibition there was a need to create an identity system that was functional and easy to apply, using found elements and recycled materials to bring it to life.

No more waste

We created the entire communication concept and the campaign for this project. The project’s name: Zero Footprint Campus is referring to the client’s goal to reduce the footprint to zero and to the projects location: the Utrecht University Campus site. We came up with the pay-off ‘Dit lijd tot niets’; meaning 'This leads to nothing'.

We started to develop the visual identity and build the website. We used powerful typography for the logo and pay-off. The black and white colour makes for an extra powerful statement. The tone-of-voice used for this project was punchy and with a twist.

From concept to exhibition

In addition to the visual identity, we also created a campaign for the exhibition. We created three campaign movies, posters and flyers to promote the exhibition. In June 2017 the twelve artists exhibited the results of their yearlong research at the Utrecht Science Park. We created graphics for the Department of Search Pavilion, a large wooden shack where the artists' queries and research could be followed.

The pavilion was covered with the logo and various posters, which explained the different art projects. For the barn we used recycled material like scaffolded wood and bike tires. Signage posters were designed by us, as well as banners, 
t-shirts, and much more.