cultural connectors

The role of the public library in our community is not confined to books only, it's about social equity. The Utrecht Public Library makes an active contribution to the social participation of all citizens by offering free and accessible access to media as sources of knowledge and culture.

You can find the entire city in the library. Knowledge seekers, cultural snoops, bookworms, news devotees, students seeking tranquillity are finding their way to the library, but the Utrecht Public Library wanted to attract a wider audience and be even more visible in the city.

The library belongs to everyone

The social aspect of the library appeals to us a lot. To help the library to attract a wider audience we developed a new, energetic communication style. The first thing we developed was 'Biep Biep' magazine. A solid design language consisting of white or coloured rectangles (graphically referring to stacked books), a character-rich font and photography style where the story of the visitor is central, form the basis of the magazine and the new communication style.

A new magazine

'Biep Biep' magazine is a new quarterly magazine where the library communicates about their varied program. From reading sessions to lab experiments and from pub quiz to computer advice. We gave the library a 'human face' by telling stories in this magazine and create a photography style by portraying their visitors.

Dietwee has set up a wide range of projects: from printed booklets to online bannering. From the opening campaign of the new library in Leidsche Rijn to the development of various means for the new central library on the Neude.