Sustainable change makers

Biodiversity and climate are under enormous pressure. The annual Springtij Forum is the most influential meeting place in the Netherlands for people who can really make a difference in accelerating the sustainable transition.

Springtij facilitates collaborations between government, companies and NGO’s in order to speed up the sustainable transition. For several years now we are a steady partner of Springtij, helping them with branding, campaigns and communication.

Dietwee & Springtij

In 2019 we started to help Springtij with their communication. Our main focus is to attract new people to Springtij Forum, to encourage sustainable collaborations and to enlarge the Springtij community. Each year we start with a different communication angle. This resulted in four powerful campaigns.

Online presence & communication

To inspire and enlarge their community Springtij is quite active in online communication all year. They facilitate online talkshows (Springtij Café) and webinars. We help them develop and design al digital communication.

During the event

During the annual event we do the signing and help Springtij with live reporting and publishing social posts. We coördinate the reporting team, assist Terschelling TV with the livestream talkshows, publish posts about all workshop outcomes and with our program booklet and -app we make sure the attendees know where to go.