New identity for School for Human Leadership

Sixteen years ago we designed the previous identity for vanHarte&Lingsma, where a joined heart and ampersand (&) became their bold new logo at that time. The logo was the main character in their campaign about paradoxes in leadership challenges and their corporate identity remained unchanged during all those years. For quite some years already however, Dietwee had not done work for the company and lost contact. That changed when vanHarte&Lingsma’s new directors were looking for a new tone of voice and visual communication which would express the new direction the company was taking in regards to their vision on leadership development.

After various talks with several agencies we were also approached and client and agency immediately felt we understood each other and had a very good 'click'. So after sixteen years we were very happy to once again be asked to renew the identity and communication for one of our historically favorite clients!

We asked Fleur Greebe from Different Company to help us investigate and define the brand strategy. Together with her and the vanHarte&Lingsma team we first started with several intensive sessions to have a clear new brand positioning and brand manifesto. With the slogan 'Leadership. Starts with you' we realized their vision was not about teaching you new skills but 'giving back to you' which is already present to help you become a better leader. The new vanHarte&Lingsma was both about a softer and deeper approach than most leadership schools but, on the other hand, relentlessly confrontational. This was the reason for us to create an identity and campaign where (self)reflection became the key.

We designed a new website and brand story, established a complete new photo- and video library using only real clients as models for the campaign, photos shot by Nanda Hagenaars and the videos shot by Studio HER. However not everything was online: we also produced a new set of identity assets like cards, notebooks, displays, brochures, certificates and binders.

Concept & Design: Dietwee
Strategy: Diffrent Company, Fleur Greebe
Photography: NAN Photography, Nanda Hagenaars
Video: Studio HER